I want to be authority. With degree or not, I want to be authority. When I talk, I should speak sense.



Big and bold. I like it 😀

I want to do something.


Its enough. Ihave to try and do. I cant sit like this and I dont want to sit like this.

There are so many things. I wantt to sit. RE organise.

I know I always try but fail. I know I had always been doing that. I also know that all that I am now is the result of many…infinite such struggles. Then again, there should always be a begining. And there will be.


How about a new attitude? How about seriously trying something new.

That might give me new excitement??? How about leaving my safe zones at every step? Challenging myself with new…. doing something better… filling life and days with something worthwhile???




Okay. I will try. Really. Co\ I want it